About Us

Welcome to W-A-G!

When people hear the word, “real estate”, they always tend to think of something that is based on the corporate world. Meaning to say, they think that this term can only be used by those people who have enough knowledge of it and who can encounter this on a daily basis. Others would also think that it cannot be applied to whatever they are doing as ordinary people. We have this notion that the term “real estate” can only be used by the people in the real estate industry.

That is why W-A-G was established. This innovative real estate firm aims to show that the “real estate” business is not only for the people who have been in the business for years or who have enough experience handling real estate all their lives. We want people to realize that they can also be educated when it comes to discussing properties. W-A-G aims to spread enough knowledge for all the people who are interested to learn more about real estate.

In order to be true in this mission, W-A-G features different articles, blogs and online posting that would enhance the knowledge of our online readers. We also provide different news and relevant information about the industry today so our online readers would stay updated and well-informed about the real estate industry. We also provide recommendations and suggestions to our online readers who wish to purchased or sell a part or one of their properties. We also encourage them to communicate and share their experiences with each other through our forum. These forums are made so online readers would be encouraged to have discussions among themselves.

The real estate is not just for the educated ones but it is also for other people who are aspiring to be land owners or land sellers. With W-A-G, we make sure that you are well-informed.