The Face of a Dependable Real Estate Agent

Are you planning to sell a property? You think you already found the real estate company or agent that is right for you? Do you trust your agent to make the decisions for you? Do you think you managed to find motivated sellers? Then perhaps you need to reassess again after reading the content of this article.

The process of moving forward into a new house is stressful enough – lots of paperwork, lots of preparation, the anxiety if you’d be better off in a new environment or not, the new adjustments, and so on. Add the problems of not having a trustworthy and dependable real estate agent? This is hell reincarnate. But the thing is, you won’t be able to say that there is something wrong with your agent unless the problem already pops out to bite you.

But how to make a good assessment? Let us help you.

The background is everything. The first thing you need to check on is how long have they been in the industry? What were their achievements so far? Check out their portfolio. You can run a comprehensive check on them on the internet, and ask them as well during your first meeting. If they are going to provide you service, then better get transparent from day 1.

Be observant of their attitude toward work. Are they always late? Do they come prepared? Do they falter when you ask them a question they are not prepared for? If your answer these questions negatively, then perhaps you need to find yourself better agents. You cannot trust your agent to defend your cause or to negotiate a higher a price for your property if they are not prepared for the possible inquiries. The market for buying and selling houses is a competitive one. Everyone wants to come out on top. If you do not have the confidence to bargain, you’ll be left behind.

Check out their personality. How was your first impression with your agent? Was it pleasing? Or did you feel some niggling doubt at the back of your mind? If it is the latter, might as well directly cut off the transaction. There should be a good relationship always between the two of you. If just by the start of your meeting you already have doubts, then this may not work for you and your agent in the long run.

Observe his problem-solving skills. This may not be obvious to many during the first meeting but a real problem solver has the answer to your every question. The agent should be able to address your doubts and the challenges you perceive. Ask your agents about his plans and create challenging scenarios he might possibly face. Listen closely to his alternative plans because this will give you an idea of what kind of a negotiator you have at hand. Tenacity and ability to haggle should be there because he will be the key for you to get the maximum profit for your property.

Try to apply these to your real estate agent and see if they will pass your test. At the end of the day, what matters is being able to close a deal with you and your agent coming out on top.


WAG Rallycross ’12 @ GravityParkUSA


2012 WAG Rallycross Events
Vehicle classifications based on updated 2010 SCCA Rallycross Rules, Article 6.2 and 6.3
Note that only articles 6.2 and 6.3 apply to this event, not the entire SCCA rulebook!

Rally Stock
RS/R – Rally Stock / Rear wheel drive
RS/F – Rally Stock / Front wheel drive
RS/A – Rally Stock / All wheel drive

Rally Prepared
RP/R – Rally Prepared / Rear wheel drive
RP/F – Rally Prepared / Front wheel drive
RP/A – Rally Prepared / All wheel drive

Rally Modified
RM/2 – Rally Modified / 2 wheel drive
RM/4 – Rally Modified / 4 wheel drive

RM/2 – Rally Modified / 2 wheel drive
RM/4 – Rally Modified / 4 wheel drive

Things you must know about buying a home

Buying a house is a very tough decision you have to make. It is something that would involve not only your decision-making skills but your patience as well. Buying a home is a long and tiring process. But of course at least, you are already sure that your steel garage door in Tulsa is signed under your name as your property. In order for you to be sure of the transactions you are going to make, be sure to keep the following things in your mind:


When you will buy your residential property, you have to make sure that you studied carefully all the contracts and papers that will be present in your transaction. You have to make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions involved in your agreement. At the same time, always remember that whatever it is on your contract, it is still negotiable. That means a few adjustments can be made. Maximize your time and examine all the ins and outs of your transaction.


Remember that buying a house is a life-long commitment. There are many people who buy houses and pay for them in their entire lifetime. If the same would happen to you, then you must consider all the things that are associated with your future. Determine your future plans. Consider different factors such as your current job, if you are planning to get married or planning to start your family. If they are part of your future plans then think carefully if you are going to pursue buying a house and pay for it for the rest of your life.


This may seem to be a common sense but yes, you have to make sure that you can really afford the house that you are going to purchase. At first, it is easy to consider that you can afford that particular house. It is easy to say that you are going to buy what you can afford. However, this is not the case as always. Affording a house also means you can sustain paying its monthly dues. Make sure that your monthly income would remain consistent. To consider a home that is affordable for you, make sure that you can sustain paying it every month.


When you see how much you are going to pay for the first month of your house and you saw that it is relatively low, then you have to really examine what you really know about the house you are purchasing. The purchase price is just a piece of a huge chunk of the cost that you have to pay. You have to think of the cost of insurance, homeowner’s association fee, and real estate taxes. Maintenance and materials are another issue too. That is why you have to make sure that you can really afford buying a home.

Tips in taking care of your house

A home is where you should feel relaxed and stress-free.  A messy home won’t do that especially if you have to think of the things you have to fix inside your home. When you are a busy person, maintaining your house is really difficult for you. Well here are some tips that will definitely help you achieve a brighter-looking home even though you don’t have much time to do the task.

  1. If it looks clean, don’t clean it.
  2. this may sound ridiculous but this is somehow helpful. Save time if you don’t have to really clean something that is not as dirty. It is also better for your immune system because you are getting immune with the bacteria around you.

  3. Rinse and put the dishes in their places every after meal.
  4. do not wait for tomorrow to clean your used plate, glasses and spoons. Always clean them ahead of time. Remember that unhealthy insects and organisms can be in contact with them if you are not going to clean them the night you used them.

  5. Keep the cleaning supplies near where the spot where you usually use them
  6. this would help you avoid things that are not in place. It will be easy for you to organize them and use them in case you need these tools. It is helpful to have them in place.

  7. Throw away left-over foods at night.
  8. do not store left over foods in your fridge if you have no plans of eating them. Make sure to dispose them properly because they can do more harm than good to your body. It is also messy to look at left over inside you refrigerators.

  9. Immediately fix broken appliances
  10. do not store appliances in one place just because you cannot fix them in a specific time. Be sure to fix them so they won’t scatter around your house.